vom Wildflügel Puppy Health Guarantee

I extensively research the background of potential sires with the ultimate goal of reducing the odds of producing a puppy with genetic health problems. However, with genetics being what they are, it is impossible to guarantee that every puppy will be completely free of genetic faults.

vom Wildflugel Kennel provides a one (1) year written health guarantee on its puppies. New owners will be required to sign a Puppy Guarantee and Sales Agreement. This document sets forth the terms and conditions of the guarantee. Should any vom Wildflugel puppy develop a genetic defect before the age of twelve (12) months old, it will be covered by the guarantee. In order for this guarantee to be put into effect, the buyer must abide by the stipulations outlined in the Puppy Guarantee and Sales Agreement. Click HERE to view the Puppy Guarantee and Sales Agreement document.

Prior to turning a year old, an owner should have a very good indication if any genetic fault is present. When vom Wildflugel Kennel is satisfied that a valid problem does exist and the puppy has not been bred or sold, the terms and conditions outlined in the Puppy Guarantee and Sales Agreement will apply. All shipping expenses of the returned puppy and replacement puppy will be the owner’s responsibility.

After a puppy leaves my kennel I can no longer be responsible for any injury, accidental death or contagious disease or other problems contracted outside of my immediate control. There are no other implied or intended guaranties or warranties on vom Wildflugel puppies except as stated in the Puppy Guarantee and Sales Agreement. This guarantee is void if the puppy was purchased under false pretenses or if the drahthaar is bred before it is certified for breeding purposes as stipulated in the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar breeding regulations. This guarantee applies only to the original owner of the puppy.

I do not guarantee that drahthaars produced at my kennel will have facial furnishings. Due to the fact that the Deutsch Kurzhaar (German Shorthair), Stichelhaar, Griffon, and Pudelpointer were used in the “composite” breeding of the drahthaar, there will always be “throwbacks” to the original four breeds because of the presence of latent traits. Breeders occasionally produce puppies that exhibit the physical features of the Shorthair, Griffon, etc. No matter how much breeders strive for uniformity in phenotypes, there have been and always will continue to be throwbacks of the original four breed ancestors. I prefer instead to concentrate on producing drahthaars with very good noses, pointing instincts, and water desire. Drahthaars without face furnishings can be certified for breeding purposes. The primary drawback is that they are unable to be entered in a breed show and receive a ZR rating and number for conformation and coat.

If you have any questions regarding my puppy health guarantee, please contact me.

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