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Over the years I have accumulated books, videos, and other reference materials on subjects ranging from breeding, canine genetics, tracking, retrieving, obedience training, pointing, and dog behavior.  This information has allowed me to evolve as a dog trainer and breeder.  I want to share some of the book and video titles with you, I have grouped them by subject headings.  I included a short synopsis of each book.  Click HERE for a complete PDF list of my training books, videos, and general references.


The first book listed is the only one that deals specifically with training dogs to find wounded game.  The other books discuss training dogs to track human scent.  The principals and training techniques described in these books are very similar to those used to train dogs for blood tracking and can be easily incorporated into a training program for game recovery.

Tracking Dogs for Finding Wounded Deer by John Jeanneney – The abundant wealth of this book lies in what it can do for a hunter before he goes out hunting and wounds a deer. Once a deer has been wounded, Jeanneney’s suggestions become priceless for identifying wound sites and tracking approaches. It provides all the information hunters need to start using tracking dogs. It also includes details about what breeds to consider, how to select a dog and how to train hounds to locate dead deer.

Tracking Dog:  Theory and Methods by Glen Johnson – This is the bible of restricted tracking training and the method described in the book is the foundation for reliable tracking.  This book is the standard for anyone training dogs to track.

K-9 Professional Tracking: A Complete Manual for Theory and Tracking by Gerritsen Resi – Methods are based on acquiring a clear understanding of what is involved in tracking, what the dog’s scent capabilities really are, and what conditions can affect the dog’s tracking ability, and how. From this background, handlers can choose from a variety of methods to train their dog to track.

Training a Competition Tracking Dog (DVD) – This tape was filmed over a 3 year period in Germany & America. It is one of the most comprehensive studies ever done on sport tracking (foot step tracking).  This video uses all motivational methods to teach a dog to track.  The video begins with the theory of track scent.  There is a section on how to select tracking fields for dogs of different skill levels.

Problem Solving in Tracking (DVD) – This is a handling tape that shows competitors common mistakes that everyone makes in handling a tracking dog.  It is a follow-up DVD to the one listed above.

Retriever Training:

SmartFetch by Evan Graham– The complete guide to all phases of force fetching.  This book examines the history of force fetching dogs, its goals and purposes, while laying a solid foundation for a fully trained dog. All obedience issues associated with it are fully explained.

SmartWork for Retrievers – Volume I Basics and Transition by Evan Graham – Detailed easy to follow instructions for retriever training, from puppies through basics and early- to mid-transition. Also included is a comprehensive Glossary of Terms to help you get acquainted with the language of dog training.

SmartWork for Retrievers – Volume II Secrets of the Pros by Evan Graham – Late transition through advanced, plus troubleshooting the fully trained retriever. Everything you always wanted to know about dog training to finish your retriever the ways the pros do it.

The 10-Minute Retriever by John and Amy Dahl – This book is easy to use for the absolute beginner and yet deeply informative for the serious student of retriever training. Primary importance is placed on developing and enhancing the desire to retrieve from early puppy hood onward. The authors believe that daily ten-minute training sessions lead to rapid learning.

Gun Dog Training:

How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves by Joan Bailey – Joan’s philosophy is both simple and fun. Basically the owner takes responsibility for exposing the pup to situations that will allow it to develop its hunting instincts, the rest is up to pup. No negative responses or punishments in the critical early months.

Drahthaar Puppy Manual – This 120+ page manual is designed to get the new owner of a German-registered Drahthaar up to speed as quickly as possible with regard to the complex German breeding and testing systems, and provide a step-by-step detailed guide to raising and training the pup from 8 weeks through 2 years. Training and preparation for the spring Puppy Test (VJP) and Fall Breed Test (HZP) is covered in great detail.

Armbruster Training Manual – Leonard F. Armbruster was an American who trained and bred Deutsch-Drahthaars while living in Germany. He enjoyed much success in the German testing system, and his training methods were greatly admired. His method of demonstrating control of his dogs by use of the Halt command when his dogs flushed a hare, and then were sent on to track it successfully, was so impressive that a special award was created in 1970 to single out dogs that are trained to such a high level. It is called the Armbruster Halt Award and is still awarded in Germany and the US today.

Gait and Anatomy:

K-9 Structure and Terminology – Learn to evaluate structure and movement, heads. The book gives an individual an idea of what to look for whether it is in the show ring or evaluating puppies. Excellent line drawings.

A Key to Movement (VCR) – See what every judge sees: movement down, back, and around. Action is slowed down so much that you see what is actually happening when a dog walks and trots.

Dogsteps (DVD) – The most complete information on canine gait and movement! The incredible moving x-rays show you what is actually happening when a dog moves; you can see the relationships between parts.

Canine Breeding and Genetics:

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Obedience Training:

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Canine Behavior:

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