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I post articles monthly on things that are relative to the breed.

Teaching WHOA! - September, 2015

Teaching WHOA! Taken from Dave Jones’s Web Site This is the often-asked question regarding the training of young gun dogs. There are many different ways to teach whoa and I will say up front, there are more ways to skin the proverbial cat than one can count. My way is […]

Puppy Development - August, 2015

Development (Puppies): Stages: Prenatal/Neonatal (inception-12 days) Transition (12-21 days) Socialization (3-12 weeks) Juvenile (12 weeks-sexual maturity) Adulthood (sexual maturity to 3/4 of expected life span) Senior Years (last 1/4 of lifespan) 1. Prenatal/Neonatal (inception-12 days): At birth, umbilical cord is chewed through, placenta is removed and eaten, and the puppy […]

The Training Ring – Force Fetch - July, 2015

The words “force fetch” congers up all sorts of different meanings for people. If you have been around retriever trainers at all, you most likely have overheard the discussion about the value of teaching a dog to “force fetch.” Some trainers prefer the Amish method – which is working with […]

Correcting Some Common Dog Problems - June, 2015

When your puppy or dog does something you do not like, you need to teach her not to do it. Here are three general ideas that should help you deal with most problems. Number 1: Figure out why your dog is doing what she is doing. Is she following some […]

Blood Tracking Training - May, 2015

I. Introduction The first time I saw a dog work a blood track was in the fall of 1980 during a muzzle-loading deer hunt in the Sacramento mountains of southeastern New Mexico. Our hunting group included Dave Krukar and his VGP drahthaar Aiko v.d. Buchenhecken. About noon on the second […]

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