My Training Philosophy

The training philosophy at vom Wildfl├╝gel Kennel is to teach, motivate, and develop confidence in each dog while at the same time challenging the dog’s ability to learn.

This means that I do not attempt to build on a command or concept until I am convinced that the dog understands it and can repeat each command without mistakes.

I try and maintain a dog’s positive attitude where it can not wait for the next training session. Because no two dogs learn at the same pace, I work with individual owners to create a training program specifically for their dog. My ultimate goal is to teach and train Drahthaars to become well-behaved companions their owners can hunt and enjoy for years to come.

Specialty training includes basic and advanced obedience, electronic collar conditioning, and force fetch training. I strongly encourage owner participation during the dog’s training process.

Contact Information

Kennel Owner

Jill Manring


47305 375th Road
Ravenna, Nebraska 68869


(308) 380-8419


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