My Breeding Philosophy

vom Wildflügel drahthaars possess strong natural abilities, are intelligent and mentally stable, highly trainable, and have sound structure.

I purchased my first Drahthaar, Inga vom Hirschhafen, in 1981 and immediately got hooked on the breed. Inga went on to become the foundation bitch for my breeding program. She produced my first litter of drahthaars in 1987.

I have chosen to keep my kennel operation small. My intent is to produce quality not quantity drahthaars. vom Wildflügel Kennel is striving to perfect the Deutsch drahthaar with the ultimate goal of producing hunting dogs with hard dense coats that exhibit a strong desire to locate and retrieve game in the field and water with the temperament to live as a family member.

Producing good puppies is no accident. A good breeding program starts with the careful selection of the parents. My females are what I consider to be “people” oriented that have the temperaments, trainability, and desire that I want in my hunting dogs. My personal drahthaars are hunted regularly on upland birds, furred game, and waterfowl.

Stud dogs are selected because they possess the personality, natural abilities, and coat type that compliments each of my females. The decision to use a male is never based on his location or on VDD test scores alone. A stud dog must be HD-free and have been tested or had his progeny from previous litters tested for vom Willebrand’s and Hemophilia B bleeding disorders.

All vom Wildflügel breeding females are HD-free as are all the males that are used as studs. My females have been tested clear for vom Willebrand’s bleeding disorder.

New puppy owners are provided with a booklet of pertinent training and health related articles, including such subjects as crate training, canine behavior, housebreaking, vaccinations, obedience training for German tests (VJP and HZP), how a dog scents, etc.

Proposed breedings for my females are planned at least one year in advance. Long range planning allows me to evaluate puppies and stud dogs and make adjustments in my breeding program if necessary. vom Wildflügel drahthaars are registered with the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar (VDD) breed organization in Germany. The price of a vom Wildflugel puppy, either male or female is $800.00.

I take breeding very seriously and believe that Peggy Adamson defined “breeder” better than I ever could:

  • A Breeder (with a capital B) is one who thirsts for knowledge and never really knows it all, one who wrestles with decisions of conscience, convenience, and commitment.
  • A Breeder is one who sacrifices personal interests, finances, time, friendships, fancy furniture, and deep pile carpeting!
  • A Breeder goes without sleep (but never without coffee!) in the hours spent planning a breeding or watching anxiously over the birth process, and afterwards, over every little sneeze, wiggle or cry.
  • A Breeder skips dinner parties because that litter is due or the babies have to be fed at eight.
  • A Breeder disregards birth fluids and puts mouth to mouth to save a gasping new-born, literally blowing life into a tiny, helpless creature that may be the culmination of a lifetime of dreams.
  • A Breeder’s lap is a marvelous place where generations of proud and noble companions once snoozed.
  • A Breeder’s hands are strong and firm and often soiled, but ever so gentle and sensitive.
  • A Breeder’s back and knees are usually arthritic from stooping, bending, and sitting in the whelping box, but are strong enough to enable the breeder to develop the next choice pup.
  • A Breeder’s shoulders are stooped and often heaped with abuse from competitors, but they’re wide enough to support the weight of a thousand defeats and frustrations.
  • A Breeder’s arms are always able to wield a mop, support an armful of puppies, or lend a helping hand to a newcomer.
  • A Breeder’s ears are wondrous things, sometimes red (from being talked about) or strangely shaped (from being pressed against a phone receiver), often deaf to criticism, yet always fine-tuned to the whimper of a sick puppy.
  • A Breeder’s eyes are blurred from pedigree research and sometimes blind to her own dog’s faults, but they are ever so keen to the competition’s faults and are always searching for the perfect specimen.
  • A Breeder’s brain is foggy on faces, but it can recall pedigrees faster than an IBM computer. It’s so full of knowledge that sometimes it blows a fuse: it catalogues thousands of good conformations and coats, fine ears, and perfect heads . . . and always remembers the failures and the ones that didn’t turn out.
  • A Breeder’s heart is often broken, but it beats strongly with hope, everlasting . . .  and it’s always in the right place!
  • Oh, yes, there are breeders, and then, there are BREEDERS!!

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