The following are a few comments from individuals who have purchased vom Wildflügel puppies.

“To Dog Enthusiasts: This is a testimonial to Jill Manring and her devotion to her kennel and her dogs. We did some research on the internet when we decided we wanted to get a dog that would be excellent for hunting as well as a companion. Our research lead us to vom Wildflügel Kennel owned and operated by Jill Manring. We were very impressed not only with Jill, but also the kennel she operated. It was then that we decided to put money down on a puppy. Elly II vom Wildflügel, her registered name, was born in December. We named her Emma. Emma is very focused on her tasks. She responds very well to commands and it seems her greatest pleasure is to please her owners. She is a quick learner and you know she is a happy dog as her little tail never seems to stop wagging. She is one terrific dog. Jill has excellent knowledge when it comes to dogs and knows how to get the best results from her breeding. Jill did a terrific job in selecting Emma’s parents and taking care of her from the birth in her home until the time we picked her up. Emma has become not only a excellent versatile hunting dog, but also a great companion. Jill takes pride in her profession as a dog breeder and as s VDD-GNA judge. We would recommend Jill and her kennel to anyone who is looking for an excellent versatile hunting dog. Respectfully submitted”

– L. Woldt and J. Schenck Sun Prairie, WI

Congratulations to Emma and her owners for being the high scoring drahthaar at Group North America’s Second Annual Armbruster HZP Test in Mankato, MN.

“Jill, just thought that I would drop you a line to let you know how Tia is doing. She has been a joy since the moment that she arrived. I have been around a lot of puppies in my day, but I have never seen one that acted like she does. I don’t think she whimpered even once on her first night away from home. She was happy from the moment she walked out of her airline kennel. Not afraid of anything or anyone. I have never seen a pup that displayed that kind of confidence and friendliness. She has been out to the gun club several times and like anything else, didn’t mind all the shooting. She loved all the attention she got out there and was the center of attention. Dad and Tia took off a couple weeks ago in Dad’s travel trailer to start the fishing season. She is a fetching machine and Dad will work her everyday. If the pup you send me is just like her I will be thrilled.”

– R. Parkin Washington State

“In January I started my search for a new pointing dog, and having owned Drahthaars in the 80’s the choice of which breed was a simple one. In the 90’s I primarily hunted geese and had a couple of Labs. After health problems and a lack of desire in the second dog, it was time to return to the Drahthaars. I talked with five different breeders and attended a VJP test. Everyone was very helpful and I was impressed with the quality and knowledge of the people in the VDD-GNA. I was looking for a dog that would hunt pheasant as well as waterfowl, and be calm enough to take fishing in the warmer weather months. A strong search, excellent tracking ability and a low maintenance dense coat were also requirements. He would need to be friendly with different people and their dogs as well.

After reading Jill’s breeding philosophy and talking to her in length, I felt we shared the same view on “hunting dogs” and breeding for the hunter, not the field trialer. When I picked up Kolt at 8 weeks, he was a bold pup enjoying life to the fullest. He has been a very level headed pup, who was easy to crate train, accepting confinement without a fuss, yet full of vigor when let out to play. By eleven weeks he was out playing in a pond with full-grown labs. If he was not carrying something, he was pointing it, everything from wings, to other dogs, to butterflies. He is now seven months and has three hunts behind him. My plan was to hunt him every other field until he started to look tired. That never happened. After three days in Kansas CRP, he was still going strong. He has a nice search which led to two strong points on Roosters, tracked and produced several hens, and made some nice retrieves as well. He is a long ways from a finished dog, but the talent is there, and it is going to be fun to watch him develop.

Jill produces some excellent pups, talks straight about each litters’ strengths and weaknesses and above all remains dedicated to the improvement of the breed. If you are looking for a healthy pup that has been bred to hunt as well as be a family companion, then the VDD-GNA organization is an excellent place to look. And if you want an honest breeder with a wealth of knowledge on the drahthaar and solid training methods, who produces dogs that you can hunt and live with, then contact Jill Manring.”

– M. McMullan, Denver, CO

“Jill, today (Sunday) was the second day of upland game here in Kansas. I took Sugar out yesterday and while she didn’t get the opportunity to point anything, she did get one retrieve (quail) and one tracking exercise (poorly hit quail). Today she got to retrieve a chicken and 3 quail. She got in a really nice point on one quail today. In the breed “hype” (for lack of a better word) people have said that a DD will search endlessly for a downed bird. I believe them now. Sugar worked for 5 -10 minutes hunting for a quail until she finally found it. It was by far the most impressive display of “hunting dead” that I’ve ever seen. Thanks for your continuing help,,,,, and thanks for the great pup!”

– K. Keeler, Salina, KS

“Jill, Just thought I would drop you a note about Jodie, we all her Gus (Augustina). She has plenty of energy and is growing at an outstanding rate. She is a beautiful dog with a wonderful shiny coat. She was 24 pounds two weeks ago at the vet and I sure she approaching 30 by now. She is listening fairly well and I have had her out in the field a few times just to have fun and she searches really well.”

– K. Mayer, Tracy, MN

“Jill, I could not be more pleased with my dog. He is one of the most mindful, happy dogs I know of. He has been especially good with kids. When he plays with my kids, he jumps around like a deer and spurlaut as he chases them around. As the children walk by our house to go to school, he whines because he wants to play with them. We have a lot of dogs in the neighborhood from tiny Chihuahua to large labs. When I go for walks, it does not matter what kind of dog it is, he wants to play with it, He is surprisingly gentle with the little dogs. I have never seen an ounce of aggression toward people, children, or other dogs. I am a member of a hunting club, the owner has told me several times that Jax is still the best dog that he has seen come to his club. He sees a lot of dogs go through his place, he is amazed how far away he can pick up the scent. As far as Jax strengths and weaknesses to be totally honest I have been thinking for some time about his weaknesses and I am struggling to find any. To the credit of his breeder again, I could not be more pleased with my dog. I know test scores are not everything and that dogs can have really good and bad days, but he has been very consistent. He is well balanced, all of his scores in the VJP ( 71 ) and HZP ( 214 Arm.- 184 HZP ) were 10’s and 11’s.”

– S. Saxton, Pleasant View, UT

“Jill, over the last fifteen years we have talked and worked together, I have come to appreciate how much you take you dogs, their well-being, training, and breeding to heart. It’s very apparent that they really are more than a business to you. I have owned your dogs for years, and have referred my family and friends to you as well. We have never been disappointed with the dogs or the integrity of the sale. In fact, early on, I knew you were a person from whom I wanted to learn and today I attribute much of my success and enjoyment to what I learned from you. Sincerely”

– S. Howey Grosse Isle, MI

“Jill, I just returned from another great day of pheasant hunting with Pip (AKA Bianca vom Wildflügel) and wanted to write you about what a wonderful dog she is. That dog has as unsurpassed desire to hunt! Even as a young pup she has shown a high desire to find game and please me which made training much easier on me being a novice in the drahthaar world. I was able to train her with some help from fellow VDD-GNA members and pass the VJP and HZP tests. Many other hunters who have seen her in action are impressed with her energy and abilities. From the moment we get out of the truck she has one thing on her mind, HUNT. Pip has a great nose and searches the area thoroughly. She works a scent track relentlessly, I just love watching her work when she gets “birdy” and then locks up on a point. Once sent to retrieve a shot bird she will search endlessly until she finds that birds. She shows the same drive swimming to retrieve downed waterfowl. Pip is a great family member. To sum it up, Pip is just a pleasure to own and hunt over. Please feel free to give out my name as a reference. Happy Hunting.”

– M. Bruno Mt. Home, ID

“Thought I’d send you a couple photo’s of Brandy since she is 5 months old today. The last couple of weeks it seems like she has gone on a growing spurt. She weighed in at 36 lbs today. She is about as calm a dog as I have ever had. She doesn’t get over excited at anything. She seems to have a very good nose, I have been working with her around the yard by dragging meat scrapes and she has no problem finding them. She has a really nice flat, dense, coarse coat. Just what I was looking for. She is a beautiful looking dog and we are very happy with her. I will send more photo’s as she grows. Thanks again for the wonderful dog.”

– K. Baer, Dickensen, ND

Jill, I am sorry it took so long to get back to you. Piper is doing well, we had her to the vet’s last week and she said that she looks just fine. She weighs fifteen pounds already!  Piper took to her crate right off the bat and is walking well on lead. Thanks Jill for the wonderfuld dog, she’s a fireball!  Regards.

– J. and C. Glover, Divide, CO

Jill, Ivan is really doing well and takes to training easily. At just over 4 months old, he has the basics down like sit, stay, here, and no. He’s definitely a natural retriever and brings me the training dummy or stick every time, dropping it on command. As far as demeanor and temperament, I don’t see how any dog could be better. He loves kids and has never been the least bit aggressive toward anyone (yet he’s very confident, friendly, and not afraid of anything. All in all I couldn’t be happier with your breeding program and the dog your turned out. So far he is everything I hoped he’d be . .  plus he’s a great looking dog! Thanks again.

– S. Hancock, Omaha, NE

Hey Jill, I’m on Cloud 9! I remember reading in the Altmoor puppy manual a ling that said prepare to have the best hunting season you have ever had with your DD pup. Well thanks to Ruger I’m having the best season ever. The best thing about him are his hunting skills, which I’m sure is due to his fine breeding — Thank you! Ruger has pointed and retrieved about 17 pheasants this year. Today he pointed a rooster from about 30 feet and the bird was on the other side of a fence and in a gully. He is so easy to hunt behind. He is the best bird dog I have ever owned and he is only 6 months old. The future looks very bright. His temperament is great, he’s friendly and for the most part calm. He’s awesome, thanks again for such a well bred DD.

– M. Conolly, South Ogden, UT

I had to drop you a note on Jack’s first day hunting pheasants.  Wow!!  He had nine retrieves, countless points (I shot 2 roosters over his points) and hunted all day with little or no rest.  He settled in to a terrific quartering style where he would cover me and the two people on my sides, he stayed close and was manageable in the field.  He has a delightful personality; he is only aggressive in the field, not with other dogs or people.  He is an outstanding problem solver as well.  His most impressive moment was on a blind retrieve of a bird shot more than 1 hour before.  Three dogs were working the weeds and Jack found and retrieved the lost bird, it was remarkable. Thank you so much for producing such a terrific dog.

– B. Patterson, Omaha, NE


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